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White Cat - Holly Black How have I waited so long to read this?! Seriously, this book blew me away. Cassel Sharpe comes from a family of Workers. What this means, is that one in every 1,000 people are bestowed with an ability. They can kill you with a single touch, erase every memory you’ve ever had, replacing it with new ones, alter your dreams, just to name a few abilities that were discussed in this book. Anywho, Cassel pays his way through private school by running bets, or ‘cons’ as he calls them. Same thing, right? One night, awakes to find himself on the roof of his school, having sleep walked out there. From here, everything seems to unravel for him.
Holly Black has created a world where nothing is truly as it seems and yet, everything has a wonderfully reasonable explanation.. In the world of curse magic, that is. The world Black has built is completely compelling and alluring and only slightly unlike that of our own. It is those minor yet incredible differences that make Cassel’s world so amazingly intriguing. The book has a very cinematic flow from opening to ending. I could easily visualize every scene as I read. The intricacy of the world in which the characters lived was so well developed, that you almost forget that their existence is not normal.
All in all, I really really enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing what happens in the sequel.