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Jane - April Lindner Okay, so this book was the biggest timesuck of my life. A few of the passages were actually painful to read. Like a good little reader, I just kept slogging right though because I had high hopes for this. I kept hoping that it would get better because I really did enjoy Jane Eyre when we read it in my english class.

We follow Jane Moore through her many unfortunate situations, affairs, etc. How much more pitiful could she have gotten? I’ll tell you. Her parents died in a car accident, her mother constantly berated her for being plain, and unpretty, choosing only to dote on her prettier and more talented older sister, was bullied by her older brother (Yea, I know right? Boo fucking hoo.), Had an AFFAIR with an older man/rock star only to find that he was keeping his previous wife who suffered from schizophrenia locked up in his attic.. the list goes on.

Stay away if you can’t stand pitiful female progatonists who cease to exist when they don’t have a man in their life, because that’s exactly what this was.

Final verdict? One star. Out of five. Yea.