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In the Arms of Stone Angels - Jordan Dane This book brought me to tears. I felt as though I were right there alongside Brenna, experiencing everything firsthand. This book touched a lot of issues. There was racism, sexist, and plain old meanness. Brenna the subject of much ridicule because of the simple fact that she was a white girl in love with an Indian boy. The whole town frowned upon this faux-pas, and we saw her being persecuted over and over again. The picture that Dane paints is remarkable, so much so that she has captured such intense emotion in me that I couldn’t control what I was feeling. I felt hate, and white-hot rage for the townspeople, and was smitten and intrigued by White Bird.

There are so many twists and turns, and you don’t know who to trust. The character development was top-notch, and Dane captured the true essence of humanity on these pages.

All in all, this debut was utterly breathtaking.