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Almost to Die For - Tate Hallaway The first thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. The girl is gorgeous! I honestly wasn’t too sure what to expect when I got my hands on a copy of this. I thought it was a light, fun, fluffy read, and while I was not disappointed by any means, this book proved to be much more than that. Within the first chapter or so, I was totally sucked in.

Anastasija Ramses Parker is used to not being normal, she has been raised a witch, with just one problem…her magic has never worked. There are few True Witches but Ana is supposed to be one…well when she fails Initiation in the Coven where she can be a full True Witch. Things get confusing because enter Vampires. Her father is a vampire, and to top it off, a vampire prince. he soon learns that she is a product of a gone awry treaty between witches and vampires. Her father, the prince of all vampires and her mother, surprisingly the queen of all witches banded together for a short time to try and create peace…Ana came out of it and peace never did. It is an all out war between witches and vampires.

Oh my goodness.. and then the boys. Nikolai is a True Witch in her coven, totally gorgeous, sings in a band,and is interested in Ana! Oh, and is also conveniently a vampire hunter. That could put a damper on a relationship. And then there’s Elias. Vampire knight. Chivalrous, etc.

If you’ve been on the fence about this one, I highly recommend that you pick it up. The whole ‘Twilight meets whatever’ situation is so inaccurate! This book is nothing like Twilight. Suffice to say, I’m soooo excited for the next installment which is out on May 3rd, 2011.