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The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade Alona Dare was the most popular girl in Groundsboro High School -- that is until she met her untimely demise. Death by schoolbus aka, the loser cruiser. Lame, right? Alona sure thinks so. And now she's stuck wearing red polyester gym shorts and a see-through white t-shirt for the rest of her life.. *ahem* afterlife. She's quickly learning that while she may have been popular, she wasn't actually very well-liked. Just when she thinks that her afterlife couldn't possibly get any worse, the only person who can see and hear her is the freaky goth kid, Will Killian. Will has an extremely interesting ability -- he can communicate with the dead and vice versa. The day following Alona's death, he sees her crying and laughs at her before stuffing his earbuds back into his ears and walking away from her. This was all the confirmation she needed to know that he could see and hear her. Surely Will has the key to all of the answers allowing her to be sucked up into that big white light, right? Wrong. Alona unknowingly assigns herself to the task of being Will's spirit guide and the two fall into an unexpected friendship.

This was a light, cute read. Pure fluff, feel-good pretty much. I enjoyed watching the relationship develop between Alona and Will, and the lessons that they taught one another and I was totally cool with the "lack of affection" as another reviewer described. It seemed more real and genuine the way things panned out in the end.

Be sure to add it to your TBR list, guys. You won't be disappointed. =]