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Lost Voices - Sarah  Porter The author did a really good job with the concept, and character development and painted a beautiful picture of the beautiful, and often times savagery of the mermaids. In this vengeful story, mermaids are made, rather than born . Its foreboding melodious lull swept me into the world of these killer mermaid girls.

Luce. I hated her. She was just so.. pitiful. Her father and mother are dead, she doesn’t fit in as a human or a mermaid for that matter, and her uncle is an abusive alcoholic. After drinking himself into a stupor in the local tavern one night, he brutally attacks Luce, mistaking her for her mother and she falls from a cliff. But, instead of dying, she turns into a mermaid. The mermaids that inhabit the sea are not of the sugary, cutesy, dolled-up versions that Disney has fed us our whole lives. In this story, they are vindictive, and malicious, hating the humans for what they had done to them during their lives as mortals, so what do they do? They sing. and their song leads sailors to their death, and the mermaids described in this story take great pleasure in this.

Lost Voices addressed a lot of issues such as abuse, redemption, forgiveness, and friendship, which was honestly what saved it for me. The relationships described in this book were heartbreakingly real and really hits home.

Oh, and plus it’s prefaced with a Radiohead song.