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Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano “You’re getting out of here, and it’s going to be amazing” -Jenna

In a world where women grow sick and perish by the age of twenty, they are bought and kidnapped, forced into polygamous marriages as breeding stock in hopes that natural births will prolong the lifespans of the next generations. I honestly didn’t know what to make of this book. It was shocking, disturbing, and aroused feelings of genuine anger in me. Women’s rights have come a long way in the past hundred years, but in this book, they’ve become nonexistent. Don’t get me wrong. It was a captivating read. Beautifully crafted, and engaging. The things that these poor girls were forced to go through were truly horrifying.

We’re introduced to beautiful blonde, heterochromiatic-eyed Rhine and her twin brother, Rowan who were both orphaned and living in their deceased parents house. Both working, and trying to make enough to get by. One day, Rhine answers an advertisement in the newspaper and is snatched up by a Gatherer and thrown into a van filled with other young girls close in age. The unfortunate ones who are not chosen are simply killed and thus begins the tale of sister-wives Rhine, Jenna and thirteen year old Cecily who are to be married off to Linden. Cecily, childlike in body and nature is simply happy enough to have a home to call her own. Jenna has resigned herself to death, and doesn’t really give a rat’s ass whether or not she lives or dies, as her sisters were in the van with her and were unceremoniously slaughtered after not making the cut. Rhine isn’t waiting around to be saved, and plans for escape. She takes action to save herself, without being too single minded or brash, rather she thoughtfully builds several escape plans in an attempt to save her own liberty.She spends a large portion of the book cozying up to Linden, earning his trust and planning for escape with the attendant, Gabriel who she has become closer with since she was first placed in Headmaster Vaughn and Governor Linden’s care.

I only have two issues with this book. And honestly, they aren’t even really that big of a deal. It’s just.. why?
1. Why did she wait for a storm to try to escape? Why didn’t she just bust a window, and peace out?
2. The puking. What is it with these girls and blowing chunks? It seems like every other day someone’s gonna fish their heads outta toilet.

Those things aside, this book left me speechless. And I can’t wait to see what happens to Rhine in the next installment.
Final verdict? 5/5 stars.