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Once in a Full Moon - Ellen Schreiber “I was a love struck girl and yet I couldn’t control my ridiculous feelings.” -Celeste

I really had high hopes and expectations for this book. First of all, the cover is absolutely stunning. AND, it’s by Ellen Schreiber. What could go wrong?? Unfortunately, it was a pretty huge let-down.

There have been whisperings around Celeste Parker’s small town about werewolves for years, and like everyone else, she dismissed them as urban legend.. until a mysterious outsider comes to town and totally turns Celeste’s life inside out.

I didn’t really bond with the characters in this book. Nash was a typical teenage jock, poking fun at the westsiders for being poor, and there wasn’t too much character development in Celeste’s friendship circle or family to really get to know them either. It seemed like they were just props for our leading girl. But then we’re introduced to Brandon Maddox, new kid on the Westside and often the brunt of Nash’s jokes. Of course Celeste falls in love with him — Like a WEEK later. The romance was so rushed! Shortly after Brandon is bitten by a wolf, he phases in Celeste’s presence. Only not. He kind of just grows lots of hair, a goatee, his eyes turn gray and he grows taller. Yea. pretty lame.

Final verdict? 2/5. It was pretty hokey, and not at all what I was expecting. I wanted to love this SO MUCH!! This had similes that made me choke on me coffee, and makes Stephenie Meyer look like a master of nuanced relationships and literary prose.