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The Goddess Test - Aimee Carter I was positively thrilled when I came across this little gem. I mean, look at that cover! It’s fabulous! Even better that it’s centered around Greek mythology. I had high hopes and exceptions, but Carter went above and beyond.

The world building, references to Greek mythology were all there. However, several of the secondary characters didn't seem alive to me. There were interactions between Kate and her secondary characters where I had to go back and re-read because it all felt like it was happening too darn fast. There were no reasons whatsoever for Kate to feel such loyalty to some of the characters she just met. Sacrifice the entire rest of my life for a girl who tried to leave me in the woods? Sure, why not! People are trying to poison me? Heck yea, I’m game!

However, Kate had mass amounts of depth and heart. She displayed courage, strength, and moments of genuine sincerity and compassion. I felt the struggle Kate was going through as she tried to take care of her mother, and the composure she showed really impressed me.

The author was great about making Kate’s slowly changing feelings toward Henry really believable, as well as demonstrating her free will in the situation so that it doesn’t get into weird Stockholm’s Syndrome territory. I have never honestly seen Hades as a sympathetic character, but seeing him as Henry changed my outlook on him a bit. I had hoped that he would come out of his shell a bit more as the story progressed, and while he did, it wasn’t enough for my liking. I’m really hoping to see more personality from him in Goddess Interrupted.

Complaints aside, this was a pretty solid debut (that I downed in about one sitting) and I’m really looking forward to the next installment.