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Bumped - Megan McCafferty I was actually really surprised at how much I loved this. McCafferty wrote the Jessica Darling series, so I’d be lying if I said I’d be a little curious as to how she would pull off a YA dystopian. But she did it. With flying colors.

The world building was so seamless and so quietly done that I was immersed in this new world without me even realising. The next thing I knew about three or four hours had passed and I was near the end of the book. The world she has created was so fully realised that it was so easy to slip myself into. The slang was a little weird, and I found myself pretty confused by some of the terms (Seriously? What the heck is an ‘everythingbut’?!), but just ignored them/made up my own meaning for them. I do wish there had been a glossary or something included in the back of the book to tell you what some of the slang means. While it wasn’t a major hindrance, I wish a couple things were altered:

- A better explanation of the infertility virus and how it came to be
- A lessening of some of the more cringe worthy words, think high school Health Class
- The major cliffhanger at the end, sure it’ll make me buy the next book but that’s just too far away to think about!

Bumped deals in issues that are pretty heavy – questions about who owns the rights to their own bodies, how teenagers’ bodies are taken advantage of when it becomes the only way of surviving as a race, capitalizing on sex and pregnancy. At the end of the book, the characters are kind of rethinking their world and their places in it and how they treat their bodies, but the decisions they reach about these issues largely take place behind the scenes and are described with genuine feeling and sincerity. The main example being our star, Melody. The slow, steady development, and raising awareness between her and Zen was a major example.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next!