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Clarity - Kim Harrington Clare Fern is used to stomaching the dubious looks of classmates and residents of her tourist town in Cape Cod. Labeled a freak by the bullies who have taunted her since childhood, Clare works hard to ignore the skeptical looks and taunts that come with being a known psychic. With just a touch, Clare can see other people’s secrets. When a teen girl is found dead in a hotel room in Eastport, Massachusetts , the small town is turned upside down. The situation moves from saddening to frightening when Clare’s older brother, Perry becomes a suspect in the murder and Clare is trying her hardest to cover up the trail that leads to her brother whilst working alongside Gabriel Toscano (Mmm. Even his name is sexy), the new police officer’s son.
I was legit on the edge of my seat from the start. Clarity’s got all the key ingredients to a great YA novel: snark (a must-have, in my opinion), the mean girls Tiffany, Kendra and Brooke (God, even their names are bitchy), and the hot new guy. I loved that, in contrast to so many weak-willed, boring heroines, Clare had a fiery personality and was completely unwilling to let anyone boss her around. Her psychic abilities — and everyone’s knowledge of them — made her strong, and it was her love for family that kept her grounded. All of the characters had their own unique personalities and a complexity that made them more relateable and almost real. Gabriel Toscano is the detective’s son — a brooding loner who takes a shine to Clare despite his immediate skepticism of her “abilities.” Throw in Justin, Clare’s ex-boyfriend, and we have ourselves a good ol’ fashioned love triangle, friends, and I totally bought it. Actually, I had no idea who I was rooting for.
As for the mystery aspect, I felt like I was being jerked all over the place and had no idea who to believe. Clarity kept me guessing, and the wheels were constantly turning.
Sequel? I sure hope so.