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Betrayal (The Descendants, #1)

Betrayal  - Mayandree Michel Gods, Goddesses, shifters, vampires.. Betrayal had it all. Forbidden love, scandal, secrets. Michel paints both beautiful and grotesque imagery in the first installment of her freshman series The Descendants. The beginning drags a bit, not gonna lie, but some disturbing, and life changing events grab you by the shoulders and you realize what a gem you’re holding in your hands. There’s a wealth if information in this book, and nothing is lacking. From character building to world building, there were no small parts in this book. Everyone had a purpose, every place described was an integral part of the story. No one was simply a prop in this story, and I found myself wanting to know more about the characters described in this book. The fight scenes, which can often end up lame, were beautifully choreographed and gripping. Michel istruly a master of her craft. The must-read of the year, hands down.

Final verdict? 5/5. Damn near perfect.